Helena Rubinstein Eye Love Sexy Blacks 3 Piece Kit Eye Mascara - Makeup Remover
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Helena Rubinstein Eye Love Sexy Blacks Mascara 3 Piece Set .23 oz. includes, Lash Queen Sexy Blacks Mascara 6.9ml. Inspired by lace, lingerie, and sensual curves, Lash Queen Sexy Blacks pumps up lashes for eyes that are sexier looking than ever. Thanks to the 90, 60, 90 curves of the brush and it’s silky sculpting formula coating lashes with a sensual velvet feel to the touch, this mascara is unwaveringly feminine. All Mascaras! Makeup Remover 50ml, Say goodbye to makeup with Helena Rubinstein's All Mascaras! Makeup Remover. Using a marvelous formula of gentle ingredients it wipes away all traces of makeup, even waterproof mascara. It provides thorough cleansing for the eye area whilst being sure to remain gentle and kind on the incredibly sensitive eye contour area.