Returns & Refunds Policy

Buy-Back 30-Day Guarantee: Any-and-all products purchased from Fragrance Express, its subsidiaries and undersigns are inherently sold with a thirty(30) day return, exchange and buy-back policy. We guarantee the safe delivery and arrival of all purchases. If your purchase arrives and does not contain the right product, you may return the item to Fragrance Express in exchange for a new or alternate product of equal or lesser value. All sales have thirty (30) days from the date of purchase, and/or shipment if the purchase date is within 7 days or less of the shipment date, to notify Fragrance Express and your purchase. Fragrance Express does not refund the cost of shipping or postage for any item that is confirmed delivered by the currier. The total value of your return is limited to the value of your purchase price plus any Sales Tax (where applicable). 

If your item is lost or undelivered, a claim must be placed with the currier to recoup your shipping fees. 

Deadlines, Return Limitation and Fees: Please note, you have ten (10) days from date of shipment currier notification that a purchase has been successfully delivered and received at the shipment address to notify us of your intent to return your purchase. If we do not receive your notification within this ten (10) daytime period, Fragrance Express reserves the right to deny or approve your return. All products, where a refund is requested, and where you do not elect to exchange your product for a new or alternate item, are subject to a twenty (20)% restocking fee. All items returned to Fragrance Express must contain within the packaging, where possible the original shipping label and; a notice or return by you the purchaser citing the following: 1) the reason for return; 2) the original shipment address, city, state, zip, country and province (where applicable) and full name as listed on the original purchase, tracking identification number, order number, item description and any pictures or supporting documentation showing proof of damage or state or disrepair. Should you elect to; you may notify Fragrance Express via phone at +1.800.372.4726 or via email at and submit your return documentation through the same means. Though generally, claims and returns are processed within 3 business days when submitted electronically, FE Distributors,, LLC makes no guarantee of expiated processing of your return or claim.  

Excluded Items: The following items, as per Federal Regulations and Guidelines, are not covered under our thirty (30) day money back guarantee; (i) any product or item purchased from Fragrance Express that have been personalized, customized, tailored, made to order, or any shipment where an order has been paid for and shipped, where special consideration has been given regarding the rate, quantity, weight or the item and has been adjusted to fit your request; (ii) cosmetics, skin care products, make-up, haircare ointments and treatments, toiletries and body fragrance applications (including but not limited to; deodorants, body sprays or body creams)  where the original packaging has been opened and/or the product has been used, altered, tampered with or returned in any condition other than its original packaging; (iii) cosmetics, skin care products, hair care products, treatments and medicinal applicants, skin care products, treatments, ointments and topical creams, toiletries, make-up and body fragrance applications (including but not limited to; deodorants, body sprays or body creams) where the hygiene seals and tags on the original product packaging have been broken or tampered with; (iv) any product or item whatsoever purchased directly or indirectly from Fragrance Express that was listed under clearance; (v) or any product or item purchased directly or indirectly from Fragrance Express that has been discontinued, recalled or terminated by Fragrance Express or its Suppliers. 

Return of Funds: If a refund is request and approved, Fragrance Express guarantees receipt of your refund within 3 business days from the date of receipt of your returned item by Fragrance Express. If you do not receive your return within 3 business days, your must contact your issuing bank or financial authority to inquire about the status of your funds. If your issuing bank or financial authority concluded a refund has not been issued, where your expressly receive confirmation from Fragrance Express that a refund has been processed, you must submit documentation from your Banking or Financial institution supporting your claim in request of a new refund. Fragrance Express will independently verify the validity of your claim, and if found valid, will cancel the original refund issued and issue a new refund accordingly. 

Theft and Fraud: FE Distributors, LLC will not be held liable or accountable for any instance of theft or fraud, and cannot be held liable or responsible for any form of identity or financial theft or fraud as a result of your communications with any third party other than FE Distributors, LLC.