Beyonce Heat Rush by Coty 3.4 oz Eau de Toilette Spray
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BeyoncŽ Heat Rush is a fruity floral fragrance that softly lures like a gentle breeze. Warm yourself with a drop of liquid sunshine: feminine Yellow Tiger Orchid, juicy sparkling Brazilian Cherry and sensual Rio Sunset Musk.TopThe lightest of notes, the Top Notes are the ones you smell immediately after the fragranceÕs first contact with your skin.Brazilian CherryNative to Brazil's coastal rainforest, this cheerful fruit named the Brazilian Cherry, locally known as Pitangais sweet, is stimulating, super juicy and utterly refreshing.Passion Fruit SorbetPassion Fruit Sorbet's enticingly aromatic burst of juicy pulp gives you a cool kiss leaving an exotic fresh yet musky, sweet yet tart chilling sensation.Blood OrangeFrom the hills of Italy to the deep rich lands of Brazil, the intense flavor and scent of Blood Oranges are positively drenched by the sun and are uniquely full of tantalizing tensions Ð sweet yet tart, deep crimson and bright orange, fruity yet floral.HeartThe fragrance then gradually develops and gets richer with the Middle Notes, usually florals or spices. Middle Notes are slightly heavier compared to the Top Notes and tend to stay around a little longer. They are thought of as the ÒHeartÓ of the fragrance.Yellow Tiger OrchidThe perfumer included an orchid since itÕs BeyoncŽ's favorite flower and to connect the DNA of her two fragrances. The Yellow Tiger Orchid was chosen because it is perhaps the most beautiful and graceful orchid with its delicate petals and bold crimson spots that seem to entrance you. This enchanting flower enriches the fragrance with an exquisite soft yet sexy floral scent.BaseThe fragrance then graduates into Base Notes, which give the fragrance its signature. Since they are the heaviest, the Base Notes tend to leave the longest lasting trace on you.Rio Sunset MuskInspired by Brazil's golden sun, radiating its warm shimmering glow along the pristine beaches and lush mountains, Rio Sunset Musk provides a smooth, sexy, enveloping texture, immersing you deep within the fragrance.Honey AmberAn ancient fossil resin, Honey Amber has also been named "captured sunshine", "tigerÕs soul" and "sea gold." It is loved for its warmth, uniqueness, and beauty and believed to bring good health and luck to those who possess it. In translucent shades of golden-orange and rich brown, it has a carnal & tactile feeling, radiating warmth and sensuality.Teak WoodNative to Southeast Asia, and renowned for its strength, the exotic teak tree symbolizes eternity. Recreated by our perfumers, Teak Wood brings a luxurious woody aroma with soft, smoky accents leaving a beautiful, long lasting trail.Mango BlossomsAdorning the exotic tropical mango tree, the playful petals of Mango Blossoms have a delicate exotic floralcy that is soft, creamy and sensual.Orange HibiscusBright, bold and beautiful, the unique Orange Hibiscus is distinct in its brilliant orange blooms and heart of fiery red, lending an exotic aroma that fills the air with an intoxicating, seductive floralcy.