Christian Dior Capture Youth Christmas Set 4 Piece Set Includes: 0.23 oz Glow Booster + 0.23 oz Plump Filler + 1.7 oz Age-Delay Advanced Creme +Pink Makeup Bag
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Capture Youth offers five targeted serums to meet the specific needs of each skin type. Enriched with antioxidant-rich iris extract, each serum is infused with a naturally-derived active ingredient to target and treat a specific skin concern: dullness, dryness, lack of firmness, oily skin, and redness. These serums are formulated to be used with the universal antioxidant cream for maximum efficacy. - Glow Booster Serum (to target dullness): vitamin C and AHA combine to brighten and even skin. - Plump Filler Serum (for dryness/lack of density): hyaluronic acid from fermented wheat hydrates and replenishes the skin to make it appear fuller and more supple. - Lift Sculptor Serum (for lack of firmness/wrinkles): polyphenols derived from a tea blend boost elastin production to visibly lift and sculpt the skin for firmer, more defined skin contours. - Matte Maximizer Serum (for oily skin): lactic acid derived from sugar cane regulates excess sebum to help reduce shine and refine pores. - Redness Soother Serum (for red, irritated skin): natural peptides from cotton reduce redness and irritation for a smoother, more even complexion. - Intense Rescue Age-Delay Revitalizing Oil-Serum (for dry, dehydrated skin): intensive, lipid-replenishing oil-serum that strengthens the skin's natural barrier to help repair dryness on the skin's surface and maintain hydration. What it is formulated WITHOUT: