Joico Spiker Water Resistant Styling Glue 16.9 oz
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Spiker water-resistant styling glue 16 oz. tub 500 mlwicked grip - spike it - twist it - pull it - defy gravity - be warned: fierce hold- styles stay glued (but do wash out) designed for: all hair types. Product type: styling glue. Benefits: firmest, fiercest hold possible. Defined texture and separation. Virtually waterproof grip. Ability to create any shape, including straight-out spikes. Ingredients like resin and vinyl for thick, glue-like consistency. Protects and maintains style with vitamins, catalysts and sea kelp. Milk and honey fragrance. Use: for wild shapes and wicked hold. Emulsify in hands. Distribute through towel-dried or damp hair. Spike, bend, twist or mold.