RevaleSkin Face Intense Recovery Treatment 1.0 oz for a Healthier Smoother Skin Texture
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RevaleSkin Intense Recovery TreatmentÊis a soothing faceÊlotionÊthat enhances for a smoother and brighterÊcomplexion. Formulated to hydrate, nourish and repair the skin to promote aÊcalm and radiantÊcomplextion. This treatment shields against free-radical damage and Licorice extractÊimprovesÊclarity and enhances cell regeneration to boost the skin's tone and texture.ÊRevaleSkin Intense Recovery TreatmentÊis made with non-irritating ingredients to help minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and redness while soothing and calming stressed skin. This treatment can be used post procedure as recommended or when skin needs a revitalizing boost.