Unbelievable Blu For Men by Glenn Perri 3 oz Eau de Toilette Spray
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Unbelievable by Glenn Perri for Men 3.0 oz Eau de Toilette Spray Unbelievable Cologne by Glenn Perri, Filled with the rare and exquisite essences of fruity, floral mists. This aromatic fragrance designed for men evokes an undeniably charismatic vibe with just a spritz. Its excellent longevity and projection gently lingers on the body all day and nigh . The sparkling mist opens with a revitalizing squeeze of mandarin that incites a succulent, honeyed facet to its top. It also has the fleshy and invigorating accent of melon fruit that conjures freshness. The intensely sweet yet spicy nuance of cardamom follows together with the lively, peppery spice of basil, inducing a bright and uplifting aroma. For the middle notes, it is comprised of the warm and saccharine touch of clove, in harmony with the strong yet relaxing scent of lavender. It is also fused with the lemony mist of geranium that creates a rosy nuance to its blend. The breezy splash of the sea captures a marine note, leaving a salty and effervescent trail. It eventually dries down earthy and exotic with the dark and comforting aroma of patchouli, woody notes, and amber. The animalistic tones of musk and ambergris eventually follows, creating an extraordinary warmth to its composition. This exceptional fragrance perfectly exemplifies a man of elegance and valor