Wella Koleston Perfect Creme Developer 10 Vol 3% 33.8 oz (1 Liter)
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ncludes a Sleek Tint Applicator Brush for easy application and mixing with colors! PLEASE NOTE, Wella Inc. has repackaged these developers to be called Wella Welloxon Perfect Creme Developer What it does: Provides a color protecting barrier on the hair fiber, resulting in a longer retention of color. REVERED BY HAIRDRESSERS WORLDWIDE FOR ITS THICK, CREAMY CONSISTENCY, IMPROVED MIXABILITY AND STATE-OF-THE-ART PERFORMANCE, KOLESTON PERFECT CRÈME DEVELOPER ALLOWS PRECISE, EVEN DEVELOPMENT OF COLOR. Koleston Perfect Crème Developer hair color developer is the color partner for Koleston Perfect Base, Illumina Color, Blondor and Magma that ensures optimal color development. Visit the individual product pages to get specific recommendations and mixing ratios for the color product used. Choose from three different strengths - 6%, 9%, 12% - to achieve varying degrees of lift or for widespread application areas. Visit the different color product pages to get specific indications. The only color developer for all Koleston Perfect shades. Specially formulated to work together, perfect colour results can only be achieved when Koleston Perfect is developed with Wella Koleston Perfect. Now Wella Koleston Perfect is even better. Only the HDC Activator in Wella Koleston Perfect can develop the full potential of the HDC Molecules in Koleston Perfect. The stabilizing HDC Activator also deactivates metallic ions, such as copper, that can impair the color result. Used together, this High Density Color (HDC) System creates optimum long-lasting color results with balance, tone and shine